Charles Neil Goldader

Software Engineer | Artist | Developer | Student

I began my foray into the land of Computer Science at the age of 10, when I purchased my first laptop. After spending many hours meticulously configuring my Ubuntu environment on my laptop (I didn't stick to Windows XP for long!), I discovered that I had a passion for what I was doing. I started learning basic web development tools, such as HTML and CSS, and then started trying my hand at writing code for chips that supported the Arduino platform.

Throughout high-school, I took courses focusing on Processing, Java, and Haskell; this deepened my understanding of fundamental computing principles. I participated in multiple project-driven mathematical modeling competitions as the primary programmer for my team, and we received national recognition for our papers, as well as increased funding from our school's math department. I interned at Gravic Inc. and furthered my knowledge by crash-coursing C#, and writing an Electron application that required in-depth full stack knowledge.

I began studying CS as an undergrad at UMass Boston, taking courses specializing in Introductory Python, Data Structures, and Algorithms. During my time at UMass, I accepted a position as a QA Engineering Co-op at Zipcar in Boston, MA. Towards the end of my co-op, I was offered a continuing position as an Embedded Software Engineering Intern, at Zipcar in San Mateo, where I am currently developing an emulator for our in-house firmware solution for Telematics units in Java and Golang. This fall, I am transferring to Boston University, with the intention to complete my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and begin pursuing a Master's Degree in Computer Science, with a focus on Machine Learning.